[ THE FACE SHOP ] 臉看 Chia 種子濕氣替精華霜 50 ml

[ THE FACE SHOP ] 臉看 Chia 種子濕氣替精華霜 50 ml, Korean, 化妝品 , THE FACE SHOP, 83740-JP, , koreanmall




Moisturizing Matting cream helps to normalize excessive sebum secretion, reduces pores, removes the skin from the light and gives it a

matte appearance. It has antiseptic and anti-seborrhoeic effect. It maintains healthy skin, has vasoconstrictor and mildly astringent,

decongestant and tonic effect. Stimulates the natural cell renewal of the skin, disinfects the skin. All funds have a series of oil-free formula

does not aggravate or inhibit breathing skin cells. Chia seeds - an excellent source of antioxidants, their concentration is greater than fresh

blueberries and bilberries, a high concentration of omega-3. Does not contain parabens, benzophenone, artificial dyes, sulfates, mineral oil,

animal derived materials, the triethanolamine, GMO free.


[How to use]

Apply on the last stage of skin care an appropriate amount of the cream, gently massage along the skin texture and pat lightly.








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[ THE FACE SHOP ] 臉看 Chia 種子濕氣替精華霜 50 ml

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